Monday, January 05, 2009

Wordless books

Wordless picture books, as you might have guessed, are books without words or with very few words. Also called "pure" picture books, these books tell even complex stories with illustrations alone - some are even more suited for older children or adults, such as Shaun Tan's The Arrival which was a highly-acclaimed book from 2007 that addresses the immigrant experience (and I can attest that it is wonderful).

For young children learning to read, wordless books can provide confidence and increase abilities to interpret pictures and understand plots and story sequence. There are several wordless books at the Parrsboro Elementary library and I have provided a list below. Many of them are quite popular!

Wordless books at the Parrsboro Elementary library

Good dog, Carl by
Alexandra Day

The adventures of Polo by Regis Faller

Rainstorm by Barbara Lehman

The red book by Barbara Lehman

Owly series by Andy Runton

Robot dreams by Sara Varon

by David Wiesner

Tuesday by David Wiesner


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