Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Fantastic donated collection now in library

The Mary Norah Sophia Kernohan collection is now available in the library. It is a wonderful collection of beautiful books - make sure to take a look at them!

To Be a Kid by Sophia Ajmera

Holiday! Celebration Days around the World by Deborah Chancellor

Robots by Clive Gifford

Into the Sky
Robots Slither
Cross a Bridge
Dig a Tunnel
Take Off!
all by Ryan Ann Hunter

A Second is a Hiccup by Hazel Hutchins

A Life like Mine: How Children Live around the World published by Dorling Kindersley

100 Things you should know about the Human Body by Steve Parker

Staying Healthy by Angela Royston

If the World were a Village: a book about the world's people by David Smith

My Body by S. R. Turnbull

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